I have been leasing from Toyota for the past 10 years, my family bought several cars from them and this years I have come across the worse sales representative and car dealer managers I have EVER dealt with. My Lease is coming up next month and was offered to turn it in 5 months early, and when I went in to my original dealer I was given hard time and miss leading information so even after all that I paid off my remaining lease owed on the car and decided to approach a different Toyota dealer.

it turned out this dealer was even worse than the original dealer and gave me hard time with giving me a car under my name even though I had three other cars threw them all under my name and after I got approved they SOLD my car on the same day to a different buyer and when they finally located a car for me from a different dealer they drove it 200 miles to bring it here which I was still ok with it and I finally got a Policy number added and insured and paid for I received a call on the same day I was picking up my car that it was not ok to have the policy under my brothers name and I was an added driver under him . I have never hated an experience as much as I did with this dealer.

so thank you suburban dealer in TROY Michigan for making my happy car experience and my birthday gift the worst EVER and I will never ever lease or buy a car from any Toyota dealers ever in my life, even if it was FREE.

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