the window glass in my 2005 toyota highlander is falling repeatedly. two years ago, the first rear window glass fell into the door pocket, and i had to pay roughly $200 to fix it.

Now, another rear window glass fell into the door pocket, and i had to pay another $250 to fix it. i complained to the milham toyota dealer in easton, pa. they spoke to toyota and then told me flat out that i had to pay the money, if i want to fix it.

the name 'toyota' was always associated with high quality. looking at their recent troubles with quality, and my personal experience with their highlander, i wonder if that claim is still true.

- Pats

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Thats crazy! Mine did the same thing.

My window shield didn't break so I took the door panel off and now my window shield is supported by a meter stick. It has yet to fall.

Granted I can't roll the window down or up, it is better than worrying that will happene again.

Just a quick and cheap way.


Mine does the same thing This is a *** poor design the window is just floating on the bottom rail, then finally falls off the end.Unbelievable and no support from Toyota, sunroof failed at 45000 miles, widespread also not buying toyota again


Mine as well. I put it back into the slot but after a while it comes off the hindge and falls thru the door.

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