Lucedale, Mississippi

It is Dec 7 2009 I just submitted this letter today on Toyota's customer service site. I'm quite certain they wont post it but it is all true.

I took my 2009 Corolla into the Sierra Toyota service center in Lancaster, California for a routine 16,000 mile check up. When I was 15 miles into my journey home the red oil light came on and my car was completely out of oil. The next exit was my town so I was off the freeway and parked in less than 2 minutes after the light came on at the first safe place, literally right across from the next exit. I had just paid $220 for this service.

It took Sierra Toyota 7 days to fix my car. They gave me some low end trashy Chevy rental car and when I got my car back I asked for a written guarantee on the now rebuilt engine. The dealer said my car was still under factory warranty and refused to give me any guarantee in writing even though they just rebuilt the engine on my car and replaced the block. Sierra Toyota felt no need to give me a written guarantee on my now REBUILT engine.

In addition to their lack of desire to guarantee their own work, work they caused through their own incompetence on a routine oil change, they did not even offer to refund the ridiculous service fee of $220. You would think that if you BREAK a customers car you wouldn'y CHARGE them for the work you did to RUIN their new vehicle, at least a company with any integrity would not do such a reprehensible thing....

When I got in my now rebuilt Toyota and turned the key the low gas light came on immediately. Stop laughing. I wish I was making this up but apparently at Toyota they go the extra mile to torture their customers, especially at Sierra Toyota in Lancaster California. I had to drive immediately to a gas station and put 11.43 gallons of gas in my car just so I could get it home. I had at least 1/2 tank when it went in and yet they felt it was OK to send a used to be new car they damaged and rebuilt back to the customer on fumes after 7 days in the shop.

I called the Toyota corporate customer service line to complain about this service and "Keith" took my complaint and then contacted my wife while I was at work 3 days later. He said that the service fee of $220 would NOT be refunded since Toyota "fixed" my car. He also did not offer my wife a written guarantee on the rebuilt engine either. He said they would offer a one time "good will offer" of $700 that I can use at Toyota service centers in the future to cover any work my car may require. At $220 to do NOTHING to my car but ruin it at 16000 miles I'm sure $700 wont cover a lot of future work...

I know some of you are saying "Thats outrageous, that's the most ridicuulous thing I ever heard! NO WAY!" Well its all true. We have owned 4 Hondas and had nothing but Outstanding service. Now I have a Toyota that I paid cash for brand new that is now rebuilt at 16,000 miles with no guarantee on the work thanks to Toyota quality service.

I work for a major Aerospace Engineering company and this Toyota episode has now become my personal hobby. I tell every single person I work with what Toyota did to my new car and how they "resolved" the issue with ridiculous offers of more bad service. My wife's SUV is getting old and we were just looking at Highlanders.....well, after this fiasco it will certainly be a HONDA now.

I intend to try and talk as many people I can out off owning a Toyota in the coming years. Its my personal hobby now and all I have to do is tell the truth, I dont have to exxagerate or lie, just repeat the ridiculous true story that I just posted here.

I'm copying this post and I will go on every forum and blog site possible to warn people of how I was treated by Toyota when they ruined my new car. I do Aerospace Systems Enginering for a living and have a BS in Management of Technical Operations. This incident with my car is a textbook case by Toyota of careless, incompetent service backed by the worst customer service and reassurance that I have ever seen or heard of. Toyota service is literally a JOKE. Shove your $700 Keith, I'm done doing business with Toyota now I will just tell the tale.

John C. Sinisi

Rosamond, California

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