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Why doesn,t the Toyota dealers do something about these cars buring oil. Toyota camry's are ruining the TOYOYA reputation.

I know they will not help. It seems like everyone in the waiting area had something bad to say about the service. Everyone comments that the my cars looked great outside. I know friends have bought toyota;s and I feel bad for recommending toyota's.

I had extended warranted and they still gave me a hard time, Amherst Toyota can.t keep a good mechanicm sounds like they treat their emplyees as bad as the customers. I once was proud to own a Toyoya buy not anymore..

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I have owned Toyotas in the past and they were great; bought a brand new one due to their reputation, now mine is burning oil and they won't fix mine either, even though it is under warranty. They tell me that burning 1.1 quarts oil every 600 miles is "normal" and that it is in their manual.

Really? It goes dry before the recommended 5000 mile oil changes, and they still say this is normal!

It doesn't take a mechanic to know that any vehicle burning oil is not normal! I will NEVER own another Toyota after this--apparently a lot of newer Toyotas burn oil from what I have read on the internet

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