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Last week i have bought a second hand Toyota Corolla 2004 Model 1.6 Hatchback.

I have found this car on internet and i agreed on price with the previous owner.

Personally, i do not know too much about the cars. So for just last checking up the car and to be sure that everything OK with the car we took it to the Mersin Toyota Service.

When i got the service report of the car, i have seen several mistakes on the car and some of them was mentioned me earlier by owner. So we did accept the car according to service report and we bought it.

But, couple of days later we have realized that there are more problems on the car that WAS NOT mentioned on service report.

Then we took the car again to another Toyota Service and we asked for new report for the car.

When we saw the new report , we have realized that there are so many other faults on the car that they were not mentioned on the previous report.

And i know that you may not understand what is written on the reports so i will try to translate both reports here.

Mersin- Toyota Service Report:

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(I do not have enough knowledge about car terms even in my native language. So, i am sorry for mistakes on the translation)

- Engine hood has been changed

-Left and right bumper have been fixed and painted

-The car has been painted ,except roof.

-LPG system has been installed

- High pressure record has to be changed

-Left and right axle rugs has to be changed

-Cartel shock absorbers has to be changed

-V straps has to be changed

-Water jet pipes has to be changed

Aksaray Toyota Service Report:

- Air-Condition magnetic clutch has sound

-Radiator leaks- has hole

-Back , shock absorbers are flat

-Airbag has been repaired and passenger air bag canceled. (no airbag)

-Left front window control device broken

- Air-Condition hose and pipes have been fixed.

-Back fog and plate lamps are broken.

- "Konjector" ! broken- has been fixed.

-Air filter entrance pipe missing

-Front brake disks are bended

- Air condition fan button broken

-Front fog lights are not original

-CD player broken

-Exhaust and catalyst have been fixed

-The car has been painted ,except roof.

- Engine hood has been changed

- Front panel has been fixed

-Right inside bumper has been fixed

-Back chassis bended.

So in the end, if first service report ( Mersin Toyota Service) would mentioned those problems on car i would NEVER purchase this car.

How comes same Toyota services can give that much different report? And ow comes one Toyota service can find the very big problems on the car and just 400 km away same Toyota service CAN NOT find these problems.

As a person like me that do not know too much about the car , would maybe see those problems but how comes official Toyota service CAN NOT?

While i have lost about 7.000 Euro maybe more - fixing cost approximately - (almost same price that i have paid for the car) with this purchase, they have offered me just some help! with discount!!!.

And i have send the letter about this issue to the Customer Care service in Istanbul, but they did not reply me so far. When i call them they just say; we have sent your case to the responsible departments, we will inform you!!!!

i got very much pissed of Toyota service.

This was my first car and if this case would not be solved i will never ever buy again Toyota and all people that i know i will tell them what happened to me.

Y. Gursoy.

0090 554 242 1856

Product or Service Mentioned: Toyota Car.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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