My father owns a Toyota Tacoma pickup which he bought two years ago. Yesterday, after a hunting trip, we stopped off at a convenience store to get a drink. That's when the truck decided to accelerate.

We were pulling into the parking space, which was directly in front of the store's propane cage. As he came to a stop, the truck's engine revved and we took off. Luckily, the parking barrier was high enough that the tires only burned against the concrete. My dad had all his weight against the brake and he quickly put the transmission in neutral and turned the ignition off.

I was afraid in those few seconds that we would ram the cage and, possibly, be seriously injured. When I asked my dad what he thought the problem was, he explained that it was the same thing Toyota had recalled other models for, and that his truck had done that four times before. After the second time it happened, he carried the truck into the dealership and they turned him away, thinking he was trying to take advantage of the recall situation.

The third time it happened, he went back. By that time, the truck had been included in the recall. The strange thing is that they supposedly fixed the truck. If they had fixed it, we wouldn't have almost had a serious accident.

I was there. I saw that it was nothing my dad did in error. The truck simply took off on its own, and I can honestly say the sudden explosion of power from the truck scared me. It had happened enough times that he knew what to do. Does my father have to have a serious or even fatal crash for Toyota to own up to this?

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Toyota has gone above and beyond to show the safety of the vehicles. After many independant government tests and Nasa's test and Toyotas own tests.

It has been shown that there is no reason for a sudden acceleration. Out of the 36 crashes 34 of them were shown to have never touched the break and that the acceleration pedal was pushed to the floor.

Think about it if Toyota was covering something up the Media would still be all over them....The Media isnt talking about it because it was found to be nothing more than mostly driver error or stuck floor mats. Get a grip people


Given the history of this vehicle and its manufacture, this vehicle is a defective safety hazard. Allowing this vehicle on the road is criminal.

Scrap the vehicle before someone gets killed or worse and then sue toyota for your loss. Otherwise the owners may be sued for criminal negligence.


call the tv news people and let everyone know that toyota still has killer vehicles out there!

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