I own a toyota sequoia,just over 5 years old and 2 of the 5 wheels (including spare) have become corroded, the SUV has about 70,000 miles and 40% of the wheels are not good, one of which was the spare. I asked toyota for help with this clearly defective product and they told me sorry warranty is expired.

How can 40% of the wheels be defective right after the warranty expires? The car is not even at the 5 year mileage limit.

NO other car that I have ever owned has had this problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

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anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit? I just called toyota and they gave me the line that there hasn't been complaints.


Apparently this is a widespread problem: http://www.nuckleslaw.com/software-negotiations-expert/toyota-alloy-wheels-bubbling-toyota-quality-concerns/


Normally, 3 years/36,000 miles warranty is on Toyota. 5 years is too late.

If you bought extend warranty and if they can prove that there is a problem which causes the tires go bad then they might replay you with two new tires. Hope this help.

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