I own a toyota sequoia,just over 5 years old and 2 of the 5 wheels (including spare) have become corroded, the SUV has about 70,000 miles and 40% of the wheels are not good, one of which was the spare.I asked toyota for help with this clearly defective product and they told me sorry warranty is expired.

How can 40% of the wheels be defective right after the warranty expires? The car is not even at the 5 year mileage limit.

NO other car that I have ever owned has had this problem.Anyone have any suggestions?

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anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit? I just called toyota and they gave me the line that there hasn't been complaints.


Apparently this is a widespread problem: http://www.nuckleslaw.com/software-negotiations-expert/toyota-alloy-wheels-bubbling-toyota-quality-concerns/


Normally, 3 years/36,000 miles warranty is on Toyota.5 years is too late.

If you bought extend warranty and if they can prove that there is a problem which causes the tires go bad then they might replay you with two new tires.Hope this help.

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