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Watch out for Toyota of Danville, IL.If they tell you something is wrong with your car, take your vehicle elsewhere.

I was told I had a nail in my tire, but I decided to take my car to Sears because of all of the shady stories I've heard about Toyota & their claims of practicially everyone having nails in a tire. It's a scam... Sears couldn't find this nail because it didn't exist. Next time I went to get my oil changed, they said nothing else about the nail because it just simply wasn't there.

Every single person I've spoken to who has gone to Toyota for one reason or another has had a nail in his or her tire. Are there really that many nails around Danville streets, or is Toyota of Danville trying to screw its customers? Hmmm...I'm going with the latter. My stepmom went to toyota for here check engine light coming on.

According to the Toyota mechanics "a mouse had gotten under the hood & chewed the wires." It would then cost $3,000 to fix the wires & they said the car was "not safe to drive." Feeling a bit suspicious, my stepmom took her vehicle to another mechanic. He found that a mouse had not chewed the wires, but they were installed incorrectly by the Toyota mechanics. Since the part needed to fix the problem was only $10, we're all a little baffled at how Toyota came up with it costing $3,000.

I warn you, Danville consumers, be careful with these scammers!!

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Danville, Illinois, United States #1206660

In almost ten years of business, I've never seen any dishonest or unprofessional practices by Toyota's service department. On the rare occasion somebody made a mistake, they always stepped up and made it right.


I've been to Toyota of Danville many times and have never had any problems of the sort. They've always seemed to go above and beyond ni helping me fix my car.

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