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I leased Lexus IS 250 for 3 years.

During the first week of driving the car, I got a flat tire. While getting my car serviced, I asked technicians about the car design and was told that the way the car is build makes it seat very close to the ground. So, there are a lot of instances of flat tires with this model. After this incident, I had 4 more flat tires where I paid to Lexus dealership $350 to change each tire, total of $1,400.

Upon completion of my contract, I returned the car to the dealership. The car was inspected and no damages/issues were found. After 3 weeks, I received the letter indicating the damage on 4 wheels. Toyota is billing me for $400 for the damages on the wheels that occurred due to the actual design of the car. I sent a letter explaining the situation and in return received a letter that my account will be put on a collection.

This is unethical business practice as the car is designed in such a way that wheels will be damage no matter how you drive the car. Toyota is making customers pay for their design malfunctions.

The fact the the company is considering this damage as Excess Wear and Tear is totally unacceptable, especially when I lost $1,400 on flat tires which has never happened with any other cards I drove. I surveyed few people who had IS 250 and they confirmed that they had more flat tires than with any other vehicles.

Desired Outcome: For Toyota to reconsider the claim, recognize that damage is caused by car design and wave $400 fee.

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Another classic example of Toyota blaming the consumer for a design flaw. I hope you learned your lesson when it comes to buying import vehicles. Buy a General Motors or Ford Vehicle next time instead!!!

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