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April 4, 2010, With my wife driving our 2006 Toyota Corolla, while parking her car in a parking lot in front of a Sub Shop, about 5 ft. from the curb with her foot on the brake, the accelerator suddenly went to full throttle. The car lunged ahead hitting a concrete 2 x 2 ft. post. With both feet on the brake pedal the wheels continued to spin and did so until the key was turned off.

The Police were called,a report made, no summons issued. Car was then flat-bedded to repair shop. Car was a total loss. Dealer from whom we purchased the car from in 2006 gave us the phone # at Toyota in California. They impounded the car checked it out and said they could not find any issues. The car had 70,000 mi. at time and never had the slightest problem, was well maintained and in excellent condition.

I contacted our Lawyer, only to be told that because there was no personal injury, it would be difficult to win the case. This was my wifes car, she drives over 50 mi. round trip to work 5 days a week. In almost 40 years of driving, she has never had an accident.

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We had a similar experience - sudden acceleration into our garage with a 2007 Toyota Tacoma. Toyota charged us $240 to check out the vehicle and refused to give us the report.

They found nothing wrong with the vehicle.

Vehicle had about $5000 damage, damage to our garage. Have traded the vehicle in - no faith in the vehicle.

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