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Poor Treatment From Toyota Customer Care?

Well actually NO I just do not believe Toyota Customer Care? Really Cares At All!

Here is a quote from a customer care? supervisor about my Continuing Input Problems with my 2008 Prius Touring Factory Navigation System 2/6/08

"Good Day Robert This is Juleesa Cabrera From Toyota Customer Care in Torrance calling.

We are well aware that you are experiencing continuous problems with your factory navigation system in as much as you cannot input your home street address. Plus I understand that you are also unable to access turn by turn navigation to or from destinations or back to your homehome.

Toyota does not presently, nor do we expect to have at any time soon,

any solution to this.

You will need to PURCHASE update discs from the manufacturer when they come available.

Toyota WILL NOT Supply you with any update discs FREE as they are considered 'customer pay items'."

She goes on to say, "We have contacted the manufacturer and learned that because your home is located in a 'rural area' it is more as likely NOT mapped accurately this version. Again, as updated discs become available you will need to purchase them from Toyota."

Well I have news for you Toyota. This subdivision has been here for 15 years, the streets were all mapped and platted at the time of it's inception. County Road Maps as well as the Telephone Book Maps BOTH SHOW MY STREET. This is a Brand New Toyota Factory Navigation System with the NEW 7.1 Navteq Disc.


So, according to Toyota Customer Care? If you are having difficulties and problems with your Factory Navigation System, well that's too bad for you. They Are Not Going To Help!

We paid for an expensive Navigation System that cannot even find home street addresses, nor give you turn by turn navigation to or from anywhere?

I believe if we would all band together, contact Toyota Corporate 1-800-331-4331 and send written complaints to them at the; Toyota Customer Care Dept WC10 19001 South Western Avenue, Torrance,CA. 90501. direct complaints to both the Supervisor of Customer Care, Ms. Lorraine Smelcer, and Toyota USA President Mr. Jim Lentz. Then also send written complaints to; ConsumerAffairs.Com: Knowledge is Power! Consumer news, reviews, complaints, resources, safety recalls as well as sending an email to; to DEMAND Toyota Resolve These Factory Navigation System Input Problems.

Just so all you folks out there know, 70 other people that I found so far, are complaining about continuing Problems and Difficulties with Toyota Factory Navigation Systems. Want to take a look? Just 2 websites are: after you read those 6 pages of complaints, go to for 6 more!

We all paid BIG to have these Navigation Systems and they sure should work properly!

As a Sidenote about this; My wife was at Office Depot and input our home address into a cheap Tom Tom, and a Magellon Aftermarket Navigation System. Both systems accepted input of our home address and gave my wife exact turn by turn navigation directly back to our home. Moral of this story obviously is; SAVE YOUR MONEY, BUY AFTERMARKET NAV. SYSTEMS!

If one cannot utilize the system input of home street address, you are also unable to utilize turn by turn navigation features. Those are two of the most important reasons I paid dearly for to have the so called wonderful "Genuine Toyota Factory Navigation System".

This Navigation System is veritibly USELESS in it's present state.

Toyota Needs To Hear This From All Of Us With Complaints!

My question back to Toyota is; Why am I being penalized for YOUR SYSTEMS PROBLEMS and INACCURACIES?

If the information on these discs is NOT ACCURATE, Toyota Needs to Find A Better Disc Manufacturer. Or, at the very least supply update discs to us!

Either I get update discs FREE or I want a refund on the Faulty Nav. System, as it cannot resolve these problems by itself!

Robert J. Rejzek Sr.

1935 East Emerald Lake Drive

Fort Mohave, AZ. 86426

Phone: 928-768-1175


Monetary Loss: $4500.

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I took my car to Toyota east coast service center in Carlstadt New Jersey for an oil change.Mileage on car 39450.

Had changed all 4 tires 4 months ago and did wheel balancing and alignment at pep boys. here the issue, when I went to Toyota east coast service center in New Jersey they told me that my wheel balance was off and would do it for $89.99 which I agreed too since it was almost 4 months ago, my total bill should have been $39 +89.99 + tax, but in the bill they even added $119 for wheel alignment which they did tell me about? They rip you off. Stay away from this car salesman called John at this center.

And the worst part is they do not even offer any warranty on the work not even for a single day.Had they disclosed this to me I could have go this work done at some other place for much less price.


After owning about 8 Toyotas during my life and currently owning a 2004 Avalon that has had recurrent problems with the airbag light coming on, I will never own another Toyota.With airbag recalls on vehicles with years earlier and later than my 2004 plaguing Toyota, you'd think that they would acknowledge that my 2004 also has a problem, but that is not the case.

So, it's on me to pay for the repairs.

Fool me once, Toyota, shame on you!Fool me twice, shame on me!


I bought a 2007 Toyota Camry SWE V6 and my transmission went out at 2,811 miles.I took Toyota to Consumer Affairs trying to get my car replaced.

Toyota won the arbitration. I had a 5 year loan on the car with a Platinum 100K insurance coverage where I told them that my concern was that when I reach 100,000 miles I will still owe 1 year on my 5 year loan which would be about $5,000. After they replace my transmission I kept complaining about slipping between 2nd and third, and third and fourth gears, of which, they have the records of my complaints. All they said that every thing was fine with the transmission.

I recently was returning from a trip from Las Vegas when my check engine light came on. I took my car into Toyota of Escondido where they told me that they needed to pull apart the engine to look at the valves which would cost me $495. They found that they needed to replace my transaxel of which I told them that would be on Toyota right. No it is on you.

I asked the Service Tech why they didn't pull my engine apart to look at the valves when I complained earlier while my car was covered of which they couldn't reply. I also asked him if this had been at 99,999 would it have been covered he said yes. I asked if there was anything else I could do and they told me to call Toyota Customer Care which the ladie that was on the phone was amazed how many times I complained about the slipping but it would be up to the Service Manager and District...

Also my Service Tech told me that if it was up to him he would replace the car not get it fixed. This along with all my recalls. I think I am done with Toyota.

I have owned 4 Toyota's with no problems in the past.Toyota what is up?

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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #16688

I can't even get them to help with the "send voice level" on my 2009 hybrid camry

Winthrop, New York, United States #5815

:( I refinanced my vehicle through an outside company, having financed initially through Toyota.They took 3 weeks to send me the overpaid amount on the vehicle, even when funds from the outside company were received and verified.

THEY WERE RUDE AND UNHELPFUL!I will never do business with them again!!!!!

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