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I am 50 years old and this Toyota Corolla is my first brand new car. I was blessed to be able to pay cash for the car. For some this might not mean much to you but for me it was a special occasion and that is why I even bothered to share that bit of information with you. I wish I could say that it has been a pleasure to own but that would be a lie!

From day one there was an issue with the fuel pump, since then, that has been replaced (it was faulty from the factory) and I took it in stride, BUT the issue I have been having with mice for months has really been a pain in the rear and made what should have been a joyful experience a tremendously stressful never ending nightmare!

First off, I am not naïve; I realize that automotive manufacturers cannot do much to keep mice from getting under the hood/in the engine compartment. That is NOT the issue with this car and if it was I would NOT be spending my time on this beautiful day writing about my experience with this Toyota!

My issue with this car is that mice get inside the passenger cabin and wreak havoc! We have 4 other vehicles at our home and none of them have an issue with mice!

What really boils my blood is Toyota’s reaction – short and to the point: they act as if there is no problem and will not do anything about it.

Please note that while on the phone with a representative from the Toyota Customer Experience Center Phone: 800-331-4331, Toyota claims there is no issue and stated firmly that they will do nothing about my problem. After I was told this by the Toyota customer rep., my nephew was looking to buy a new Toyota Rav-4, he knew about the mice nightmare I have been enduring and asked the salesman about it and was told that yes there was a known problem with mice getting into Toyota Corollas and the Prius’ but not the Rav-4. Now this REALLY *** me off. Why was I told that there are no known issues with the Corollas? Obviously the reason is that Toyota does not want to deal with fixing the issue.

The reality is that Toyota makes cars with a design flaw – and that design flaw is not placing mesh over the cabin air intake areas.

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota; PLEASE ask yourself the following questions:

? Do you want to buy a car from a company that does not acknowledge its manufacturing design flaws and does NOTHING to correct them; like I did?

? Do you want to drive a Toyota distracted, at excessive speeds, while doing your best to keep your feet off the floorboard, watching a mouse running around in the floorboard; like I have? (Yes, I could have gotten a speeding ticket or ultimately wrecked the car)

? Do you want to always have to set your Toyota’s air conditioner/heater to blow air on your feet so as to keep yourself from having musty stinking air which is apparently saturated in mouse urine and *** blow directly into your face); like I do? (Yes the cabin filter has been changed in this new car and the air still stinks not to mention is VERY UNHEALTHY to breathe.

? Do you want to constantly be cleaning up mouse *** from inside your Toyota; like I do?

? Do you want to clean out mice nest with dead baby mice from your Toyota’s center console; like I have?

? Do you want to have to place your car inspection papers in a zip lock bag in the glove compartment because they are covered in mouse urine; like I have?

? Do you want to drive around with set mice traps throughout your floorboards and trunk and to have to constantly remove dead mice from your car or to have to remove the traps each time you have someone riding in the car with you; like I do?

? Do you want to drive around in a Toyota that is loaded up with items that are supposed to be mouse deterrents such as Irish Spring Soap (the mice ate it), cotton balls saturated in pure peppermint oil (the mice chewed on them), and dryer sheets; like I do?

? Do you want to have to stomp a mouse to death with your foot that has been caught on a sticky trap in your glove compartment because you can’t find a rock to kill it with (the mice are entering the car through the Corolla’s lower glove compartment and old fashioned traps do not work well in glove compartments); All I could hear was my husband’s voice saying “I wish you wouldn’t have bought those sticky traps they are inhumane and the mice dies a slow death”, I was in a panic and I had to make it quick and that was the only way – I had to go to work – so it had to be done.

Everything stated above is the truth and I deal with all of it on a daily basis and what bothers me the most is that Toyota sells cars with an OBVIOUS DESIGN FLAW that they are NOT WILLING TO FIX! SHAME ON YOU TOYOTA!

Furthermore, If I ever wreck that car because of being distracted by a mouse running around inside the cabin while I am trying to drive it, or if I catch a disease because of rodents being inside that car; well then I hope you can imagine what I will be inclined to do.

It is my sincere hope that NO ONE ELSE has to endure what I have and still am dealing with; that is why I am sharing my Toyota experience with you.

Review about: Toyota Car.

Monetary Loss: $100.


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I have this issue with my Ford Focus SE Ecoboost 1.0 3 cyl so its not just Toyota

Santa Ana, California, United States #1338353

So sorry.This is horrible.

Has anything been resolved?I hope so that is Just not right!

Goodland, Kansas, United States #1238415

Burn your *** car--i would have gotten rid of that the first hour that i realized a mouse was living in it.Fool.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1228185

OMG!!!!I too have a 2013 Toyota Corolla!

SAME THING has been happening! I'm so annoyed!

This is completely insane.I HATE MY CAR!

Rockwall, Texas, United States #1212835

I've got a 2010 Corolla and "Micky and Minnie" mouse have set up housekeeping in my blower fan! Time to build a wall! Ha, ha.


Babylon, New York, United States #1212425

There is a recall for the mouse problem. Toyota is now giving owners of affected vehicles cats to combat this problem.

Boiestown, New Brunswick, Canada #1201648

I own a 2011 RAV4, since new.Had a reoccurring problem with mice inside.

The last time one chewed through the cabin filter and died in the fan housing! Not a pleasant smell! After Toyota kept recommending replacing the cabin filter and parking my vehicle in a mouse free area (lol) I decided to install a screen over the fresh air intake myself. I removed the wiper cowling and installed a piece of mesh screening.

No mice have entered since!C'mon Toyota, how about some customer satisfaction?

to Anonymous East Montpelier, Vermont, United States #1237759

I just did this yesterday but found it difficult to get access to the openings because of the two "levels" of steel. This morning there was another mouse in the trap in the glove compartment. So either they're already living in the car, or my barrier failed, or there's another point of entry :(


I have mice in my 2012 Corolla heater.They chewed through the cabin filter and into the blower.

They ripped out a pile of pink insulation from somewhere within, now the blower rumbles loudly on high.Must be more damage deep inside.


And people ask me why I read this ridiculous site.

This is hilarious, I love it.

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