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Harraqsement from Toyota knows no bounds. Times are tough...after decades of never missing a payment with Toyota or anyone else, I unemployed and I am behind.

My wife, who worked full time for our entire married life now cannot because of health problems - problems made worse by the harrassment from Toyota. Toyota calls 6-8 times a day and doesn't ever leave a message. The first call comes in a couple minutes after 8:00 am, and the last one comes a couple minutes before 9:00pm. Sometimes they call 4 or 5 times an hour.

I wonder - do the individuals who are making these calls and or programming the autodialers realize that they are literally killing people? Is this the moral standard that applies at Toyota? Maybe it's no mystery why they continue to say that their cars "cannot" be at fault...their electronics "cannot" have bugs. That's just arrogance.

We've lost our health insurance, we have our heat down to 62 degrees, our groceries are coming from the kindness of family. There is nothing I can do to get current, except keep plugging away at finding a new job. But sometimes I wonder why I bother.

They can have the car back when it clears probate.

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You should contact a lawyer at once. What they are doing to you is against the law.

The collection company may OWE YOU money for harassment.

Check online and you will see more information that you can use you to stop the pain in the *** collection agents from calling you. Hope you get some work here soon.

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