New Hope, Pennsylvania

I have tried to shop at a few Toyota dealers in the past. Unfortunately, the mannerisms of their car salesmen are the pits.

They are arrogant, rude, and I will not seek out another Toyota dealer. If more people stood their ground against these obnoxious foreign car dealers, it would put them in their place, and hopefully, American car dealers would get on the stick about working with a quality product.

One car dealer asked me if my husband should be with me while test-driving a car. I was 54 at the time, and a professional management individual. The one prior, I had called the sales person and declined to purchased the car, as politely as I could.

Then I was harassed at work by their sales manager who wanted to know why I didn't want to buy the car, and he wanted to know what car I had purchased.

I told him it was none of his concern, as I had phone the sales person and had declined to make the purchase there. How obnoxious can they get????

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