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My 2008 Rav4 Sport had been making noises so we took it to our local Toyota dealer. The first time, they said they didn't hear anything. The second time, they said it was the motor mounts, so they were going to replace them. This was in September 2010.

When they were done with the repair, they told me that Toyota recommended a new transmission, but that the car was safe to drive. The part was ordered October 1st.

By the end of December, the car was not drivable at all (at least not safely). In fact, any time you tried to stop, the car would fight the brake (for example, my husband said to put the car in neutral any time I needed to stop). We let our dealer know and they provided us with a rental and said the car should be fixed soon.

Jump ahead a month - it is now the end of January. I was told by Toyota Corp that the part should be in between Jan 11th and the 25th. Guess what, it's not here. I am still driving the rental and can't seem to get my contact at Toyota on the phone. I don't even know what to do any more... all I know is I am PISSED!

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