Today I reached the final chapter with my 2009 Toyota Camry LE. A whining sound started to come from the engine. Thinking it sounded like an alternator, I took it to my mechanic. The diagnosis was bottom-end engine noise (rod bearing). Car has 110,750 miles and now the engine is about to fail! That was the final straw!!!

Traded it in today for a 2014 Honda Accord. Took a beating on the trade-in value due to the engine noise. Car was in pristine condition - not a single scratch, dent or ding, carpets and upholstery like new. Serviced it religiously over the years, always changing the oil right before the 3,000 mark. Consumer Reports gave the 2009 Toyota Camry very high ratings which is why I purchased it. Now unfortunately, all that care and maintenance was for nothing! Bottom end engine noise killed the value!

My prior car was a 1998 Mercury Tracer with 230K miles and didn't burn oil. Farewell Toyota!

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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