in 2007 i bought A 2006 saturn ion BECAUSE ROBINSON TOYOTA OF JACKSON TENN HAD SOLD ME A BAD CAR AND THEY TOLD ME TO BRING IT BACK.3 months later i had to pay 850.00 for a steering column. when it rained water poured thru the sunroof and i took it to saturn .

they wanted 45.00 to find the cause. when it got below freezing it ould not start. almost every saturn owner i have talked to has the same problem./ it is so moldy i had to take money out of my 401 and buy another car. i have custody of my grandchildre 2 and 4 and they cannot ride in it.

it will make you sick/ now the ignition is out. i have not driven it for months but am still paying for it, not after this month you can hace it back and i want something done.

where i work we take back faulty merchandise, you must too. please respond thanks judy joyce 12 chipwood dr jackson tenn 7314273300

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