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I purchased a new Tacoma from Grappone in November 2005, 6 speed TRD Sport. At 27k miles, a clutch squeak developed. The truck was seen at 33k miles & diagnosed as a TSB for the clutch pedal assembly. Parts finally arrived at 41,000 miles, they were installed & all was well! Since this initial repair, the dealer has looked at the truck on 8 repair orders, only to apply a lot of grease & push it

out the door. Lots of grease will quiet anything, however it only lasts

about 6k miles. The dealer installed a second clutch pedal assembly &

still the noises return. Not just a little squeak, but a loud, obnoxious creeking noise. Last attempt at a dealer repair resulted in the service manager telling me that I use the clutch excessively & the truck was not made to drive in traffic. I drive 150 miles + a day, 99.9% of it is on the highway. With the exception of traffic jams, which are rare, I don't drive in traffic. I have spoken with Toyota Corporate & they will not help me because I only had one failure while under warranty. Of course it did, it took 8k miles to get the parts! I tried the NH Auto Dealers Association division that helps consumers if they do not qualify for Lemon Law. Their panel found for the dealer because the

dealer did everything the Manufacturer told them to do, the dealer should not be made to buy the truck. I called the manufacturer & they won't do anything because the dealer says there is nothing wrong with it.

I'm stuck with a truck, I can't sell & no one will fix

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*** man whatever happened to fix it yourself :roll Look at new TSB and install parts YOURSELF..!! :p


Got an 03 from Toyota of Nashua that does the same. They lubed it twice, but it comes back.

Sounds like a creaky door in a haunted house.

Between that and the squeaky belt noise that constantly reoccurs I am ready to blowtorch the thing. :(

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States #11760

i have the same noise on my 06.. i hate it... and also have encountered the same problems with Toyota.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #2231

I have a 1997 Tacoma that has had the same clutch problem since it was two months old. Good Luck. I gave up.

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