For anyone with a 2001-2004 Toyota Sequoia who is getting their frame replace as part of the limit service campaign (recall) be aware that Toyota is not truthful when they say it will be replaced "at no charge to you". There are certain parts that will break when they removed them that Toyota will not cover as part of the recall.

Toyota is well aware these parts always break.

Since Toyota will not reimburse the dealer for the cost and labor involved with these parts, the dealer will most likely pass the cost to you the customer. If this happens file a consumer complaint with your state's attorney general.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Hi, I took my 2006 Sequoia to the dealer recently and they indicated there is *** in the frame and it needs replacement. At an estimated $15,000 per frame replacement, is there an offer from Toyota to "pay-out" owners for the frame replacement rather then completing the work?

I ask because the car is old and I'm certain once they start the work there will be MANY other issues found (brakes, shocks, seals, etc., etc.

etc.) that will be out of pocket expense to me. I would much rather put the $15,000 towards a new(er) vehicle.


I took in my 2006 Sequoia with only 60,000 original miles for the frame and it costed me $5,000.00 in extra parts apparently worn out or damaged. When I got it back I am now at the same dealer to have the sway bar bolted up that apparently didn’t get done when the frame and new links were put it found this while adding air to tires for a summer vacation.


In the middle replacing my 2005 sequoia( 210,000 miles) , but now I will pay for other parts

Totaling 2000.00 for parts only that were discovered when taking the car apart.

Why didn't they see this in the past when every 3 months I take sequoia to service for oil change ?

sway bar links front and back $600.00

New muffler $600.00

and something else $900.00


I also learned of the Sequoia frame "limited service campaign" well after it was over. I am really hot about this because I also had a 2001 Tacoma which had a similar program.

I got notices about my Tacoma...but nothing for the Sequoia. Lucky for me the Tacoma frame was okay...but not so with the Sequoia. I even took one of the Tacoma factory notices to a dealer and asked them if there was a similar program for the Sequoia. At that time, they said NO.

Evidently, the Sequoia program came out after the Tacoma, but still ended before I found out. My frame on the Sequoia is rusted so bad, it has large holes through two sides and is really unsafe to drive let alone sell. I am going to file a claim through the court system as the next step.

I have had 12 Toyota's over the years...and this may be the end of that loyalty. Hate to say it....but the Sequoia is the only one of the 12 built in the US.


I just heard about the toyota sequoia 2001 frame recall. The dealership refused to replace it due to expired time.

They said i came late and that the offer has expired. I was asked to call Toyota with my complaints. I alled Toyota and they refused to change the rusted frame. I am so disappointed in Toyota for using inferior parts that can cause injuries to their customers.

I am.

Ow stuck with this truck with rusted frame. No more toyota product for me.

Naperville, Illinois, United States #951608

I had my 2002 Sequoia's frame replaced last year and it was totally free. No out of pocket expenses at all. They didn't even mention the possibility that there could be added costs beyond the recalled item.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #822423

My total cost was 1340 but I gots new springs struts shocks transfer case seal and timing belt. Plus a new highlander to drive around for a couple months.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, United States #817695

just heard back from dealer - toyota will replace frame but up to 2500.00 in parts and labor connected to this.2003 sequoia and i had them document the rust problem 5 years ago so of course don't want to pay out of pocket.any thoughts?

to thomas Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #827995


Where was the rust perforation on your frame and how big a hole was it?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #787334

Same thing happened to me. They told me that it will be at least $600 out of pocket to me.

Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #728061

I just got back from the dealer..I need a new frame as well, the service manager said although the frame is free, the cost for parts etc could be from $300 to a high (so far) of $6,700. argghhh no more Toyotas for me.

Larchmont, New York, United States #690299

I just had frame replaced on my 2001 Sequoia due to recall. I am very happy with the new frame, however, Toyota Headquarter wouldn't approve tow hitch replacement that was also rusted because they claim it was not part of the frame.

We were very upset and complained to the dealer and they arranged to have it replaced through someone else for $150. We also had timing belt and water pump replaced and tune-up (approx. 67,000 miles on the car)which was 2k additional. Prior to this I spent over 2k for 1 converter and sensor, muffler, tailpipe replacement, but I now have a very new car and am extremely happy because I really love the Sequoia.

One other thing I just had Mavis rotate tires, high speed balance and alignment which I don't think the dealer did because the car kept swerving to the right.

to Jan #781877

Can you recommend the Toyota shop that did the frame replacement?

to Brooklyn Sequioa #796506

Toyota, Waverly Ave., Mamaroneck, NY. They were excellent!

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