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I purchased the best truck I could ever wish for, 2001 Toyota Tacoma; it’s an xtra cab with TRD with the SR5. Today at 113500 miles it still looks and runs showroom new.

But it has the rust on the frame and bad too. Toyota refuses to help in any way. In 2012 the frame was perfect, now it is almost eaten through. I love this truck but it is unsafe to drive and I am very displeased with how they are handling the situation.

I opt to go with Toyota compared to Chevrolet because Toyota had a wonderful reputation on reliable vehicles and I was sold on that. When the recall was sent out, I was living in Virginia and battling cancer so I missed the recall. I believe Toyota should warrant their product or close down their plants if they won’t honor the issues at hand.

I want a new frame or at least another truck with my engine and transmission, my baby is gorgeous. I am now on a fixed income with blood clots in my lungs due to the cancer I need my truck.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin knows about this and has DONE NOTHING I KNOW OF to personally help this disabled veteran get satisfaction from Toyota Motor Corporation. All I received from her office was "Try these different Wisconsin state agencies." Congress needs to force Toyota to make whole all Tacoma truck owners who have been ripped off by Toyota Motor Corporation.

What does it take Senator?

I do thank her staffer who spent time and effort in researching this. Ralph Palmer, Chippewa Falls, WI


To all the people that say toyota won't repair a 12 yr old truck. Fu.

Morons. They had a major defect on frames built by Dana and then turn around and pay toyota 25M in a settlement. The consumer buys this product unknowingly of the defective steel and then gets stuck down the road with problems from defective raw materials in steel and all you morons can say is "sorry dude toyota won't fix a 12 year old truck".

Well, I have one too along with thousands of others. I intend to get mine fixed by toyota and will fight to the fullest extent of the law


This more common than you think. Nissan Altimas from 10 years ago are prone to the same problem.

As the previous poser said, there's no way Toyota is going to do anything about repairing a 12 yer old car.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #624936

Sorry about your luck but no way is Toyota going to replace a 12 year old truck frame. If your truck is that nice go to a salvage yard buy a frame and re frame your truck. Good luck.

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