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Service engine and many other trouble indicators at the same time. Trouble found for $80.00 - Loose Gas Cap.

Day's later found Gas Cap's Strap missing. Return to dealer for Strap who stated the strap is what causes the "poor seal" so it was removed (it happens all the time). Because the cap falls to the ground and no place to put it down I requested to purchase the retainer strap. NOT AVAILABLE.

I had to purchase a new Gas Cap with Strap for $25.00. Total cost $100. TOYOTA is aware of this problem with many vehicles and has done nothing to correct a $0.02 cent problem.

This is an automatic return your vehicle to dealer. $$$$$$$$

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I just had an engine oil light on that the dealer said would cost me $2600 to replace the emmissions and the computer! When I said #@!!-%^$$!

He said they would clear the codes and put a can of something in the gas tank for $40.

Big difference! I wonder what is a good car to buy?

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