I purchased my car brand new in 2007.today is January of 2012.

I took my car in for a 4000.00 mile checkup. After completion I asked the technician how was my tires and he said they were fine. I then asked a second technician how was the tires and he said I needed 4 tires. He said i had lost a lot of threads.

he proceeded to tell me that the tires would cost me around about $800.00 dollars.

Then I asked whether I had a warranty on my tires. He then and not until then told me that I was in the tires for life . I had forgotten about that certificate. He then looked into the computer and told me that he would have to speak to the manager and get his approval.

He then after talking to the service manager told me that the manager said although I had regular oil changes and rotating of the tires I didn't have any alignments done and therefore he denied me that service.He also mentioned that money was taken from the cost of previous services to pay for this program.

so each time you came in for service to your car a part of that money went toward paying for your tires.This program is a Toyota scam.

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They closed and still owed me a low jack install and leather seats. They sold me these upgrades with a Prius and then went out of business. I'm not sure what to do

Marina Del Rey, California, United States #1176870

Today 6.23.16

yes I also want to know about how we can start a class action suit. They said the VIP package was in my payment. This is so wrong that the new "toyota west coast" does not honor it.


Today is 6-11-2016

Hooman Toyota is no longer in business- its licensing has been bought out by "Garth automotive- Toyota west coast"

- does anyone know what we can do as consumers and members of the VIP to continue to get Hooman to honor the VIP tires, oil changes & car washes?

Will there be a class action lawsuit?


Hooman Toyota of Long Beach "tires for life" and "VIP privileges" are the BIGGEST blatant rip off ever.I wanted a 30,000 service and they wanted $250.

For $250 they change the engine oil, rotate tires, replace both cabin and engine air filters, and check some fluid levels. I changed the two filters in less than 10 minutes and spent $40 on parts. The oil change is free for life anyways as long as I own the car, so take that away and all that's left is a tire rotation to pay for. They will void the "tires for life" if you don't do absolutely EVERY maintenance they want you to do at their high prices.

I called the service rep today and said to him "then you are holding me to ransom." he said yes, that was correct but it is their "incentives." Basically, the overpricing of services pays for the tires. And you can forget the car washes too because they just run it through and don't wipe afterwards.

What a ***.Is this even legal?

El Segundo, California, United States #1068519

So what's new. This is HOOMAN Toyota in long beach.

Thanks for your money....see ya!


i am calling tomorrow to try to set up for tires on my 2013 corolla & I am sure they are going to try to get out of it because I didn't get unnecessary tire alignments. I have read my tires for life contract I signed & it doesn't say you have to have the alignments...just that they won't pay if the tires are damaged by out of alignments.


I am on my 3rd set of tires on my 2011 Toyota with 90K miles.I have had my tires checked often, along with alignments, balancing and rotation.

Cupping was determined on all 3 sets of tires around 20K miles. The first two sets were Firestone, the 3rd set was Michelin.

I have bought Toyota since 1990 and all of them were unsteady in the slightest bit of wind.I am ready to buy again because of the tire problem but it won't be another Toyota

Robert B

Los Angeles, California, United States #994771

I just experienced the same thing today! I was never disclosed the information by the salesperson. That's breach of contract and tricking you to buy the car under the pretense of free tires for life!

Perry Hall, Maryland, United States #961380

This would be a good item to send to the attorney general for action, my wife snd i have had with our toyota dealer

Long Beach, California, United States #786114

Same experience, bought my car in march of 2011, the tires for life program came into effect May 2011.For the past three years I have been told I qualified, and now that im due for tires, they have been giving me all excuses in the world as to why I don't qualify.

So each time they lied, I had proof that it was their mistake, the owner had the audacity to tell me that I never qualified from the beginning. So for three years I have been forced to get service, based on false pretense, When I then told him I had a letter from May of 2011 which said the tires for life program was in effect and if I didn't qualify why was this sent to me. He then said well it was a marketing campaign. They are all liars they are just following Hooman's lead, please don't bother buying your car here.

The worst experience I :( I've ever had.I think we need seek legal counsel to make Hooman honor their program and stop tricking their customers.

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