Hello, My name is Carol Medina.I own a 2007 Toyota camry that is burning a quart of oil in 2 weeks.

I noticed one day when my oil light turned on! Talked to service dept. and they said that they would monitor my car. It is now approximately 4 months later and nothing is being done!

My husband and I were actually thinking of trading my car in for a Venza til we found this out. I just wish that the service dept. could just fix my car since this is a own problem with Camry's, which we did not no when we bought my car brand new! I do not want a Venza now, needless to say!


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Danville, Illinois, United States #873098

I had a 2007 Camery hybird car in this June, and drived it over 1800 miles in 3 months (I bought it from a dealer, the mileage 142200 miles); On 20th,September I drave it to Toyota Shop for some normal maintenance, they told me I need exchange oil, and replace cooling tank and 4 spark plugs for the original engine.Ok, the manager told me all the cost will be around 530$, but later I check it out and found the cost became 619$, I just got wonder why so expensive for the spare parts and labor in your Toyota Shop?

Your guys spend just 2 hours to replace the parts and check my car, the labor cost over 370$, one small cooling tank is over 140$, the four spark plugs are over 70$, do these make sense?

why don't you rob your customers directly?

If you Toyota did so, how much do your customers spend for such maintenance if he or she drives it over 160K miles?

they need spend over 7000$ for some mean maintenance, it takes up over 28% of your new car price.Does it make sense?

I will refuse to buy any Toyota‘s car if you don't give me reasonable response.

to bill #873104

You're on a website called pissedconsumer, do you really think this is a direct line to Toyota?

As far as what you paid the dealership...it's called the cost of owning and maintaining a car. If you don't like it, you can always apply for a Man Card. Once you obtain your Man Card, you can then go to a place like NAPA or Autozone, buy all the parts you need for under $100 and INSTALL THEM YOURSELF.


I had exactly the same problem with my toyota camry 2007(which I bought from America at 80,000 Miles),which consumes about 35ltrs of oil in 3000miles.. I was advice to keep trying different engine oils till I tried 1 engine oil made by lubcon called 'Adrenaline'.... Now am so excited that my car doesn't burn engine oil anymore and the Oil code is 20W/50

to Jide #843214

20W-50 in an engine designed to use 5W-20? HAHAHAHA! Let us know how things are 10,000 miles from now.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #829797

I am also having the same problem as every one with my car burning up oil.I took my car in today for the 1000 mile check of the oil consumption, and yep, it was 1 qt plus .

The service tech call the District Mgr. and they agreed to replace the engine provided that I pay 1K deductible. That is a lot of green backs. The cost for the engine is 4k.

I have 160k miles on the car.I think I will just have to keep putting oil in the car every 3000 mile.


I purchased my 2007 in August of 2006 brand new and I am having problems with oil consumption.My car now has about 170K miles and was 2 quarts down in 500 miles.

Really? I am waiting for a call back from the dealership to see if they will do anything, but based on everything I'm reading, it does not appear that Toyota will be helpful.

I should know in a few days.This may definitely be my first and last Toyota purchase.

to Tchristine Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #992146

Did they ever fix your car because I'm starting to have the same problem


my *** 07 camry is burning oil also.F-Toyota!

never again will I buy from them again!:(

Mcdonough, Georgia, United States #752277

Not only does my 2007 Camry burn oil but every few months I get a letter telling me of some recall or problem they are having with a certain part on the car. The last one I got said I may roll down my windows one day and catch on fire. I asked the Toyota dealership when my car was serviced and they said they would oil the electronic window controls and asked me if I was sure I hadn't noticed a burning smell.


This is a huge problem with the 2AZ-FE engine

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