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A month ago I received a safety recall card about my 2005 Toyota Rav4's driver side airbag potentially malfunctioning. The card I received explicitly stated to NOT drive my car because it is not road safe. Since I drive mainly with my 3 year old daughter, I was concerned so I called a Toyota dealer to schedule an appt to fix the malfunctioning part in my airbag deploy system. They didn't have the part so they said that they would order it and... Read more

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I will never buy another Toyota battery. When I needed a new battery while having my daughter's car serviced, I agreed to their battery just to not have to go elsewhere for another brand. It died EXACTLY 3 years later ( to the day! ) Their eighty four month battery is simply a 3 year battery that they will prorate for you over 84 months just to get you to buy another one. I've had other brands of batteries last much longer. I'm so sick of... Read more

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I have a 2011 Toyota Highlander with only 45k miles under warranty but per years it's out of warranty 2 months. My wheel bearing is bad and needs to be replaced. Per my conversation with Tonya Gunn supervisor at Toyota Care in Ca. They only offered me $100 towards the $600 repair. I have issues on 2 fronts. First: being out of warranty only 2 months and having low mileage issue with wheel bearing shouldn't happened for such an expensive vehicle,... Read more

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I purchased a 2002 Toyota sequoia and have 193,000 miles. Have not had any major problems until last month when my wife driving home experienced a jerking in the brakes, the ABS, Trac and VSC lights came on and she immediately slowed down and pulled over to the side of the highway, turned off the engine and then restarted it and drove home. I thought she may have hit something but saw no damage. A week later I am driving late one night on the... Read more

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8/15/2016 I have a 2007 Camry LE that stopped on me in the middle of the highway. I talked to Stephanie at Ross Ford, Toyota in Wynn Ar, (870-362-4119) about the bulletin for the oil consumption and the acceleration problems They told me that they would have to look at it. I had it toll to their shop which is... Read more

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Toyota sent me a letter to inform me of a $500 customer loyalty rebate if I bought or leased another new Toyota. I have been a loyal Toyota customer for 14 years, got 7 new Toyota's in that time frame and made deals on those purchases totaling more than $140,000. During the process of getting our new Rav 4 the dealer told us the $500 Loyalty Rebate would not be honored because we moved to a different state since or last deal. Last time I checked... Read more

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Back in April 2015 at Pat Lobb of Toyota in McKinney, Texas told me that we need a brakes for our 2007 Yaris. I told them to go ahead and do it. In July of 2016 I heard a loud sound coming from the backside of the car so I decided to get it checked out and what they found was the brakes were not replace but the brake lines were and they charge me over $900.00 for this. Toyota dealerships are after the money and really don't care about the... Read more

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I'm having the same problem with the inside lights. I paid 1400.00 for an extended warranty and was told it would cover just about anything. This is a typical problem it seems and Toyota should be responsible for fixing it! The wattanty through allstate is a scam. We haven't had the car a year yet. It was great and I had bought a 2008 prius. Now I am stick with two crappy vehicles.

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Bought the Tacoma certified pre owned. A couple of the wheels had a few very small spots of corrosion. The dealer said to just keep an eye on this. If the condition gets worse they would look into changing them out. At every oil change service I showed the service writer the wheels and I was told they would contact Toyota and find out how to handle this. After seven years nothing has ever been done. I had this dealership(Burien Toyota) perform... Read more

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We bought a used 2007 Prius and almost immediately had trouble with the combination meter going dark. One of the side issues with it was that the engine would not shut off (imagine getting gas and thinking the car is off, and worse, leaving the car at a train station parking lot for hours). The local Toyota dealer assured us that they could not find any problems with the combination meter and "we must have done something or turned something... Read more

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