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I was sold the Toyota Care Plus when I purchased my new vehicle for the total of $595.00. It was good for 48 months or 55,000 miles. At 23,923 miles I took truck in for an oil change. Dealer told me that I needed a new a/c filter so I said "change it". Well, it wasn't covered under the plan because it was before 25,000. Basically, I have a spreadsheet that shows for the $595.00 I paid for the Toyota Care Plus, I received $354 worth of "Free"... Read more

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  • May 03
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I bought a 2015 Prius. After 10 months a swelling appeared on the front bumper. Took it to a certified Toyota collision repair shop. They said it was a defect withthe bumper and that it wasn't caused by a collision. The dealer, Nalley Toyota Stonecrest Georgia refused to fix it under warranty...claiming it was not a manufacturer issue. That it was caused by an impact. Add comment

Hello to all that have purchased s new 2015 toyota camry..not only am i having a drivers side front end problem an am being told that i need new tires an it will make my problem go away sure it will like front end specialist have told me within weeks of putting new tires on my problem will return due to it being bad wheel hub an now my drivers seat sounfs like a machine gun when i push button....i was also told by dealship that toyota... Read more

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Toyota refuses to treat customers with known defects in the Prius combination meter with respect due lifetime toyota drivers. It is crazy to put a limitation on a known defect. Just because my car had the exceptional combination meter that lasted a little longer than their warranty I was quoted a cost of $ 1 to 2000. to replace it in a 2004 Pius. When I called them in early 2015 about the problem, they conveniently said their computers were... Read more

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Cowboy Toyota in Dallas Texas treats customers like ***. I made a 10:30 appt for a recall repair. An appt to fix a problem created by Toyota. I arrived at the service dept before 10:30. When I checked in the service rep, Justin said it would take 1.5 hours to repair. So I went into the waiting area to wait for my car. I was informed at 1:30pm that they had just put my car in the service bay. That was 3 hours after my appt time because... Read more

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Toyota of orange does not care about loyal customers. I went in for simple service and got ripped off. Upcharged for fuel injection service also sold tires that were not needed on suggestion of sales person. Asked for discount what a joke ended up being treated poorly. Also cashier the laziest person ever. Service manager was no help and wouldn't even speak to me. Never go to Toyota of orange..they treat customers poorly. Also the new tires... Read more

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I have a 2012 RAV4 is 6800 miles on since I am on the family plan ladies free oil change the life but every time I take it in for service they want to charge me extra today I went in for oil change and they said they had to do the 30,000 mile inspection which will cost me around $135 I don't have 30,000 miles on my car I got less than 7000 they said they do that on time I had my car for 4 years I told them this is a rip off I pay $156 for... Read more

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I have a 2008 Toyota Avalon limited. My headlights have recently developed a problem. They are randomly going out. Both bright lights are now out. The passenger side low beam is out. It comes on for about a minute then goes out. Please help as my dealer has quoted me over $1,000 to replace the bulbs. From all I have read on the internet, many other people are having similar problems. Shouln't this be a recall? Larry Hanson, Sun City... Read more

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I leased a 2016 Toyota carolla for $149 a month and the north Bakersfield dealer is charging me 196 a month I don't recommend people leasing from Toyota my phone number is 6612930786 Add comment

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  • Mar 13
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Have a 2008 Toyota Rav4 and just approaching 100k miles. Out if know where my water pump started making noise & needs replaced. No signs at all. Add comment

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